Colleen O

I have known Lisa for many years. Lisa has always been passionately committed to whatever she loves and embarks upon and so this is reflected in her teaching. I took Pilate lessons from Lisa with a friend – ”a duet”. Although we had very different issues, Lisa was able to teach and challenge us in a way that worked for both of us during each session. I had an added challenge, because I had a complete hip replacement several years ago and have some movement restrictions. Pilates was not easy for me, but because Lisa is so knowledgeable about how our bodies work, a good listener and an excellent teacher, I learned so much. I am now able to apply this to so many other areas of my life. I left every class with a smile on my face and feeling good about what I had just learned and accomplished.

Barb W.

Lisa is a highly skilled Pilates instructor and a born teacher – always knowing when to challenge and when to encourage. Her classes focus on proper form and technique for all levels of Pilates. Under her instruction I am learning that it is the precision and quality of my movements and breathing that will maximize the benefits of Pilates in strengthening my core and improving flexibility

Karly K.

I had practiced some Pilates prior to going to Lisa’s sessions, but Lisa really went back to the beginning and I learned all about the background of Pilates. It was insightful to learn about why we do what we do; it helped me in my practice of Pilates. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you will gain so much from Lisa’s Pilates classes. Lisa always made me feel extremely relaxed, comfortable, and welcome. She really cares and wants to listen and help. She encourages you when something is challenging. She also modifies everything if needed. I have learned so much and felt so good after each session!

Paige G.

Pilates with Lisa has changed the way I think about my body. Lisa has an in depth understanding of bone structure and muscles and has helped me to understand not only how to do Pilates correctly but why I am doing each exercise. Doing Pilates with Lisa regularly has noticeably decreased my shoulder pain and has made me feel more comfortable and able while doing other physical activities.


Miriam P.

As a beginner, I have learned so much from Lisa Flax about the fundamentals of Pilates, my connection to my core, and the influence that this connection can have on my daily life.  Lisa is so intentional about making a comfortable space; she is always open to questions, she demonstrates the postures in a very explicit way, and she is very in tune with her students’ and their unique needs.  She has taught me to take my time, listen and trust my body, and value the importance of self-care. I always walk out of class feeling more connected to my own strength and empowered to continue my own practice throughout the week.

Edye G

Lisa brings a gentle grace to her practice of mat Pilates and I have been fortunate to have her share those attributes with me during weekly individual Pilates instruction. She has taken great care in the design of the sessions to help me understand the philosophy of Pilates (who knew) which in turn results in a more measured and deliberate practice. I strength train and do cardio most days of the week, and I have a tendency to rush through my workout. Lisa has taught me there is no rushing in Pilates and both correct technique and correct breathing are key in the Pilates process. Incidentally, I’ve added Pilates to my daily workout and have found it enhances the daily grind, especially my breathing. Pilates: mind, body, strength, breath, coordination, 100’s, neutral spine, etc., it’s not easy, but as with most things that aren’t easy, they are usually good for you and your soul…