About Flax Core Pilates

help-with-movement-everyday-every-wayAs we move through each day we often take our ability to ambulate, bend, dance, work, and play for granted until something hurts. The integrity of our alignment, flexibility, and muscle tone all play an important role in the quality of our movements and resulting benefits and pleasure. The exercise program of Pilates offers an insightful approach to learning about one’s body and how it moves.

We are each unique. Exercise routines designed as “one size fits all” can often lead to frustration if the fit isn’t right for you. Flax Core Pilates programming is designed to individualize the Classic Pilates Mat and Equipment exercises through Private, Duet, or Trio sessions. Basic anatomy, fundamental exercises, and the six Principles of Pilates: Concentration, Control, Centering, Breathing, Precision, and Flow will be explored to encourage a deeper understanding of why we do each exercise in a particular way. Our ultimate goal is to have Pilates mat and equipment work facilitate an understanding of how your unique way of moving can be nurtured, resulting in an ability to move with greater core strength, correct alignment, and increased ease and grace in your day to day activities.

Covid times update: Summer 2021
If things stay stable in our community with the virus, I plan to offer classes again this fall. Please check back again.

Why the name Flax Core Pilates?

The Flax plant exemplifies attributes of Pilates in nature. It produces a gorgeous ornamental flower while the stem has fibers used for making linen, twine, and rope. It is an exquisite blending of beauty, strength and grace. A Pilates program undertaken with commitment has potential to encourage each of us to incorporate these same attributes into our lives.

And besides that, it’s my name.